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There are seven Caltrain stations in the SF Bay Area that are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. This is my story of how I got a job to paint them for Caltrain! 


I was out sketching on a grey Saturday morning. I ended up at one of my favorite Caltrain stations, the Burlingame station. While I was sketching on the sidewalk this golden station with roses in full bloom, a gentleman came by and we started talking about my love for painting train stations & urban scenes in general. He asked me to please email him about painting train stations because he works for Caltrain! This sketch is what started a chance (but awesome!) partnership to paint some of the historic Bay Area train stations.


A5 size sketchbook 

After pouring over several preminary sketches and many photographs I have taken, this was my proposed Burlingame station commission. You can see I played with different framing and also kept notes about the specific colors I wanted to use. Such a great learning experience and I had so much fun designing the final product. 

9"x12" sketch    sold


The final artwork delivered to Caltrain. I love the vibrancy of this version. Also I don't usually work this large, so I am proud on that front as well. Thank you Caltrain for such a warm and positive welcome for this baby of mine!


IMG_2654 (1).jpg

San Jose Diridon Station has such a warm charming symmetry. At first I tried to fight it but you will see below embracing it was the right call in the end. Sketching on-location is so important for me to get the feel of the place. Take tons of photos as well, of course, for the possibilities. 

A5 sketchbook

IMG_2655 (1).jpg

After mapping out several different atmospheres around the station, I decided to face it head on in a warm evening glow to compliment the brick tones. The lamps added a touch of romance as well. 


Final artwork delivered! I really like the drama added by the evening sky. Actually this is where I went to hand deliver my paintings, which was so cool! Upstairs offices in the right corner of the station! I really enjoyed this first phase of historic Caltrain stations commission. Looking forward to completing all seven!



San Carlos Station in the works! Elevated tracks? I didn't expect that challenge! But you do get a great perspective of the station from up here!

IMG_0451 (1).jpg
IMG_2657 (1).jpg

Palo Alto Station has such a personality, it reminds me of an old diner. The sketch of course is a rough one, but don't be afraid to get your ideas out even if it looks rough. The thought of adding the train came to me while sketching - though it turns out a double decker train is actually quite huge!

IMG_2656 (1).jpg

Menlo Park Station. This one is small but mighty. It definitely reminds me of Hansel & Gretel gingerbread house. I love the intricate details of the moldings and siding and the warm mellow yellow. 

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